The contact details for the Councillors are

Holme Hale Parish Councillors

Cllr S. Broke (Chairman)       01760 440328                [email protected]

Cllr Dr A. Scarlett (V Chair)  01760 440274                [email protected]

Cllr W.McNeil                           01760 441455                 [email protected]

Cllr N. McBrien                         01760 441728                [email protected]

Cllr A. Lyndsay                          01760 441082                [email protected]



Notice of Councillor Vacancies

Breckland District Councillor 

Cllr Nigel Wilkin          01760 720601/723178            [email protected]

Norfolk County Councillor

Cllr Fabian Eagle                     07450 679838              [email protected]

Member of Parliament

Mr George Freeman               0207 219 1940              [email protected]